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Century Capital Partners has a combined 50 years experience in the finance and banking
industry, having served over hundreds of companies with more than $500 million loan.
Primarily serving the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,
we also operate in other areas throughout the country.
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  • 2023-09-22 08:46:19

    Century Capital Closed a $1.6 Million Deal in Rockaway, New Jersey.

    Century Capital Partners, LLC. closed a $1.6 Million loan deal at Charlottesburg Road Rockaway, New Jersey. A 95 Acres Horse Farm with potential gross generated income close to half a million dollars a year. The property features approximately 5,000 sqm with the first floor consisting of 5 bedrooms with modern appliances to include, while the second floor has 2 bedrooms with access from inside the house, as well as a private entrance. Extensive renovation has been done since 2010. The property also includes a detached two-story bank building with three car garage below with two additional single-family residences. The potential gross income of the property cost is $475,000. For your next commercial loan deal we would gladly be here to finance your next project, please get in touch with Victor Cohen at 201-880-7850 ext 102 or send an email at

  • 2023-09-22 08:54:50

    Century Capital Partners LLC closes a $800,000 Deal in Elizabeth, NJ.

    Century Capital Partner LLC closes an $800,000 Deal on a Highly Prized Corner in Elizabeth, NJ. The location is 501-507 East Jersey, Elizabeth, NJ., and 108 5th St. The plan would be to construct 7 rentable properties. The property has a Net Operating Income (NOI) of $120,000 a year and the Property Value of over $3,000,000 which is 25% of the Loan-To-Value (LTV) Broker was paid $16,000.00 upon closing. For construction loan deals we are gladly here to help you finance, please get in touch with Victor Cohen at 201-880-7850 ext 102 or send an email at

  • 2023-09-22 08:56:46

    Century Capital closes a Construction Loan Deal of $480,000 in Paterson, New Jersey.

    Century Capital closed a construction loan deal of $480,000 on Magic Center LLC, in 410 Home Service, LLC located in Paterson, New Jersey. The 2-story commercial property will be renovated for commercial renting purposes. The Magic Center Barber Shop operates in the busy location of Paterson, NJ. The after-repaired value would cost as of now $800,000. For your construction loan deal we would gladly be here to help you finance, please get in touch with Victor Cohen at 201-880-7850 ext 102 or send an email at

  • 2023-09-22 08:59:29

    Visana Capital closes a deal in Historic Marion, Indiana

    The Ridley Tower, located in the Downtown Commercial Historic District in Marion, Indiana, is just one of the 52 buildings that was established as historic in 1994. This much needed loan from Visana Capital will finally keep the building off the Indiana Landmarks Top 10 Endangered Buildings list. The improvements will enable the building to house 29 apartment units as well as commercial space and even common areas in the basement. This historic building is going to be home to a new restaurant with available parking as well. The building has been described as “beautiful and one of a kind” and Visana Capital is happy to help it reach its potential. $10,000 Broker’s commission was paid at closing. Please kindly consider us for your next deal. Please call Victor at 212-873-2200 x102.

  • 2023-09-22 09:01:10 closes a deal in rural Georgia

    February, 2021. In rural Georgia there is a picturesque property with a single-family home and a guest house. However, its potential is so much more with its almost 25 acres– which includes a gorgeous lake. It is also home to a banquet hall, covered pavilion, and a full-size arena for rodeo competitions. This made it both a commercial and residential property, making the process to get a loan impossible… or so it seemed… until was successfully able to close the deal! Broker was paid $6630 at closing.

  • 2023-09-22 09:03:20

    Century Capital Partners January 2021 Newsletter

    View Our January Newsletter here Century Capital Partners and Commercial Bridge Loans that make an Impact!!! Closing deals that make a positive difference in our communities.

  • 2023-09-22 09:04:47 Closes a $507,000 deal in Jersey City, NJ!

    New York City, NY., November 17, 2020 –, a leading provider of asset-backed loan solutions, closed a loan on a nail salon in Jersey City, NJ. The contracted purchase price was quoted at $820,000, but Hard Money Mobile appraised the purchase at $780,000 – giving a $40,000 advantage to the borrower.

  • 2023-09-22 09:06:35

    Hard Money Mobile Closed a $1.5 Million Deal in North Carolina

    Hard Money Mobile, LLC is giving a construction loan to good-hearted long-time area coach Thurston Jackie “T.J.” Robinson and his wife Charlotte Robinson – two hard-working people with a can-do attitude and a career track record of business and professional successes who are now giving back to the community. They are taking on a massive project to give at-risk teens a place to play basketball and reach the heights of the NCAA and beyond. The efforts to build the T.J. Robinson Life Center is spearheaded by Charlotte, who envisions a center that would attract out-of-town basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments, boosting the local economy. Hard Money Mobile is committed to helping the community in valued projects that help lay the road for a better future. A broker’s fee of $30,000 was paid at closing.

  • 2023-09-22 09:17:00

    Century Capital Closes Deal for Retail Center in Hatfield, PA

    Century Capital Partners closes a bridge loan deal in Bucks County, PA on a new development center for an Amazon warehouse among other retailers. The plan is to include a convenience gas station, grocery super market, fast food restaurants, a medical center, shopping center, offices, a hotel and more! The three lots in Hatfield, PA consist of 30 acres of Commercial property outside a lovely planned residential community. For more information about bridge or construction commercial loans, contact Century Capital Partners at or 201-880-7850.

  • 2023-09-22 09:17:59

    Century Capital and Partner Up

    Century Capital Partners and partnered to close a bridge loan in Elizabeth, New Jersey with a planned 80,000 sqft Assisted Living Facility. The estimated planned construction is valued at over $60 million. Brokers were paid at closing.

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